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Jane Smiley: “At the End of This Trilogy, I Wept.”

Jane Smiley: “At the End of This Trilogy, I Wept.” ‹ Literary Hub

“The trilogy is a malleable concept that normally grows through its own energy—one book leads to another; eventually the concept is exhausted and the result is three or four books or more. Readers do not mind this at all—that there are three Hunger Games novels, six Palliser novels, twenty Rougon-Macquart novels and twelve novels and twenty stories about Miss Marple is fine with readers, but to critics and some authors these series present a sort of formlessness that lacks both art and thought. Except that Shakespeare did it, didn’t he? Not only Henry VI, parts 1, 2, and 3, but all of the other more or less related history plays.”

I can only imagine what it’s like to finally type the words “the end” at the bottom of the last page of the last book. Think of the joy and pain and time invested in the characters.



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