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Book Bits says goodbye again

I canceled Book Bits once before and then brought it out of retirement. Now it’s time to say goodbye again.


It’s getting in the way of my own writing as well as the many projects my wife and I have to do on this section of a farm we moved to earlier this year.

So, once again, thank you to everyone who has stopped by these posts and (I hope) found a link or two out of the batch that they found interesting.

If you want a quick digest of U.S. publishing news, you can find it on weekdays at Poets and Writers Magazine. For Canadian news, check Quill & Quire’s “Quillblog.” For a retail slant on book news, see Shelf Awareness. They have two newsletters, one for readers and one for the book trade.

Publishers Weekly and Galley Cat will bring you recent publishing information, while Flavorwire will bring you lists of books grouped around current themes. For heavier duty features, look at Literary Hub and The Millions.

I’ll continue to post book-related news and features such as the Jane Smiley essay I found earlier today. But, compiling Book Bits is now at the end of its road–unless I get bored some day and bring it back again.

Thanks for reading.




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