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Cleaning out the SPAM queue

The SPAM queue contains few treasures. I always glance through the message because sometime legitimate stuff falls in there. The rest of today’s SPAM looked more like this:

  • Click here for SPAM recipes.

    Click here for SPAM recipes.

    I’ve read all your books. I love those with the space monkeys. Click on my links to learn more about space moneys. Become a monkey person.

  • This is the best post since sliced bread. You really made me think even though I try to avoid it. Get in on my thoughtless marketing deals by clicking right here right now.
  • Didn’t we meet in a bar ten years ago? I’ve been searching the Internet for you even though you told me your name is Bill Smith. I wanted to tell you I was pregnant. If you ever think you’ve gotten anyone pregnant, click here for counseling.
  • My blog is all about SPAM which is why I came here. I hoped you’d stop writing about books and talk about food. If you want to buy my food, follow the links.
  • You’ve really nailed it or whatever. I come to your blog everyday just to learn more. Never disappointed. You won’t be disappointed with my hot deals on Viagra. Just click on the word ‘chicks’ to learn more.
  • Empty SPAM cans make good art that I sell on my site to support my counseling program for people who are scared of SPAM. I can tell by your posts that you’re having issues with your SPAM queue.
  • I’m a hot chick. WordPress won’t let me post any of my chix pix. If you like chix pix, I got what you want. Maybe we can meet at an Exxon station and exchange phone numbers.

Do real people write these things or is there a malevolent machine in New York City churning these out along with fortune cookie fortunes?



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4 thoughts on “Cleaning out the SPAM queue

  1. Mostly malevolent machine, though anything author related seems to be individual. I really liked the one who thought you were Bill Smith. Sounds like a good beginning for a story.

  2. I used to scan all of the SPAM messages too, but it got to be too much. Akismet (the WordPress spam blocker) is now showing that they have blocked over 411 thousand spams for me. The spammers don’t seem to figure out that none of those ever actually show up on the blog. It’s more than mildly annoying!

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