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A glass of Scotch on another Sunday Afternoon

Now that supper’s in the oven and the cats have been fed, I can take stock of the week with a glass of Scotch

  • taliskerbottleGood: A large number of you–more than I expected, actually–downloaded a free copy of my contemporary fantasy novel The Sun Singer during the last several days. In fact, if you’re reading this before midnight on 9/27, the book is still free on Kindle. Thanks for reading the book.
  • Bad: A lot of rain this past week. Here’s what that means. The grass we mowed a few days ago is going to have to be mowed again in a few more days–and the riding mower is developing problems.
  • Good: I didn’t see this live, but if Utah can beat Oregon with (partly) a fake punt return catch, more power to them.
  • Bad:  I can’t get past a certain level in Candy Crush Saga. For those of you who don’t play the game, trust me when I say it’s a highly sophisticated, divinely inspired game that takes players where both wise guys and angels fear to tread.
  • "The Sun Singer" has a new cover.

    “The Sun Singer” has a new cover.

    Good: I finished The Red Garden. If you like short stories, take a look. I’m now reading The Lowland. One thing interesting about the story is seeing the unrest in India from the characters’ on-the-scene point of view in the 1960s as opposed to what it looked like to me at the time.

  • Bad: Apparent memory loss: while scanning some old slides into the computer I found a dozen of a hot air balloon that visited Berry College in 1978 when I was teaching journalism there. My old Jeep is even in the background of one of the pictures. But I have no idea anymore why it (the balloon) was there. I hope some of you forget stuff that happened a long time ago and then have to figure it out when you find old pictures.
  • getawatwithmurderGood: Principle formatting and copy editing are underway for the new release of Sarabande. It will be the second book in my Mountain Journeys series. We’re hoping it will be ready in November.
  • Bad: It looks like everyone on one of our favorite shows, “How to Get Away With Murder,” is guilty.  Note to writers: who the hell are we supposed to be rooting for now?
  • Good: Lit Hub is providing a variety of interesting articles and essays about writing for a highly literate audience.
  • Bad: I’m obviously not part of that audience since my eyes glaze over while reading a lot of the articles and essays. I’ve decided those articles are about (and written for) the upper 1% of readers and writers. That means: people who are in Mensa or think they should be in Mensa.

I hope your week went equally well, with a tasty mix of good and bad to keep you awake and moving forward while not getting too full of yourself in the process.




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