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Book Bits: Paul Lynch, ‘Happy Birthday’ copyright, Oyster closing, Banned Books Week

Just a bit of news today. . .

  1. News: The Plot Twist: E-Book Sales Slip, and Print Is Far From Dead, by Alexandra Alter – “Tthe digital apocalypse never arrived, or at least not on schedule. While analysts once predicted that e-books would overtake print by 2015, digital sales have instead slowed sharply.”  The New York Times
  2. Lynch


    Interview: Paul Lynch (“The Black Snow”) with  Will Chancellor – “I do think you must always write for the ideal reader. But it would be folly to worry too much about who exactly that is. Nor do I worry much about the reading speed of a sentence. I think instead about what the sentence is asking for, its texture and feel, the inevitability within it that pulls the reader on.” Electric Lit

  3. News: “Happy Birthday” Copyright Ruled to Be Invalid, by Eriq Gardner – “The world’s most popular English-language song is potentially free from copyright after a federal judge ruled on Tuesday that filmmakers challenging Warner/Chappell Music’s hold on “Happy Birthday to You” should be granted summary judgment.”  Yahoo
  4. anihillationFeature: Overview of the new title, “The Annihilation of Nature: Human Extinction of Birds and Mammal,” by Julia Jenkins – “Three academic scientists–Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul R. Ehrlich of Stanford University and Gerardo Ceballos of National Autonomous University of Mexico–come together in a plea to halt Earth’s sixth mass extinction.”  Shelf Awareness
  5. News: Oyster Is Shutting Down Operations, by Calvin Reid – “After two years of operation, Oyster, the e-book subscription venture offering unlimited access to a million titles for $9.95 a month, is shutting down operations and most of its staff is leaving to join Google. The company will wind down operations over the next few months.”  Publishers Weekly
  6. bannedbooksweekNews: ABFE and Indies Gear Up for Banned Books Week – “With this year’s Banned Books Week kicking off this Sunday, American Booksellers for Free Expression and independent bookstores all over the country are finalizing their plans for the annual celebration of free expression.”  Shelf Awareness
  7. Feature: Scots beat Inuits for having the most number of words for snow, by Chal Milmo – “For a land where snow is hardly is a winter rarity, it will come as little surprise that Scotland has several words for the cold white stuff that falls from skies stretching from Edinburgh to Lerwick. But few might expect the list – from a ‘feefle’ to a ‘feuchter’, and a ‘flindrikin’ to a ‘blin-drift’ – to amount to a grand total of 421 separate terms designed to describe everything from small flakes of wind-driven snow (‘spitters’) to a ghostly figure in a blizzard (‘snaw-ghast”).’  The Independent
  8. News: Ta-Nehisi Coates to write Marvel’s Black Panther comic, by Lanre Bakare – “He may have sat atop the New York Times bestseller list for most of the summer with a well-received book about race in America, but now Ta-Nehisi Coates is venturing into the world of comics after Marvel confirmed he will author new Black Panther editions set to be released next spring.”  The Guardian
  9. News: Blake’s house saved by fundraising campaign, by Amy Blumsom – “The home where William Blake wrote the words to the hymn Jerusalem has been saved for the nation following a fundraising campaign.”  The Telegraph

SunSinger4coverBook Bits is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of the contemporary fantasy novel “The Sun Singer” which is free on Kindle for the next five days.


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