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A glass of Scotch on a Sunday Afternoon

If you’re like me, you grab a wee dram of single malt Scotch whisky on Sunday afternoons to help you take stock of the week.

  • taliskerbottleGood: Work is underway for a new edition of my 2011 novel Sarabande which went out of print a few years ago due to a disagreement with the publisher. A new publisher will be releasing a new edition soon.
  • Bad: No rain this past week. That meant dragging around the hose to water trees and shrubs put in early this year.
  • Good: Ole Miss beat Alabama. Slow start today after staying up late to see how that game ended.
  • Bad: New doctor tells me my dosage of medication XYZ as prescribed by my previous doctor is wrong.
  • Good: Enjoying the linked short stories in Alice Hoffman’s The Red Garden.
  • Bad: Presidential candidates are proclaiming that the government and apparently all of us must be controlled by their personal religious beliefs.
  • redgardonGood: After I sent him a message through the clinic’s “patient portal” explaining that XYZ was prescribed by a specialist who presumably knew what he was going, the new doctor restored my original two-capsules-a-day prescription.
  • Bad:  Our cats get easily bored by their dry food after we’ve had the sack open for a week and when I put the bowls down, they act like they (the bowls) are empty.
  • Good: My brother and his wife returned safe and sound to central Florida after a vacation trip to Chicago.
  • Chicago on somebody elses vacation

    Chicago on somebody’s vacation

    Bad: We weren’t on a vacation trip. While they were staying in a cool condo with a great view, we were here taking out the garbage, feeding cats who were pretending their food’s invisible, mowing the yard, and doing other chores that our “people” would be taking care of. Also bad: we don’t have “people.”

  • Good: The TV shows we like are coming back soon.
  • Bad: NCIS is still missing Ziva. Also bad, the blank lines WordPress often inserts into posts with pictures.
  • Good: My friend and publisher Melinda Clayton’s new novel Making Amends has gotten off to a good start.
  • Bad: Oprah didn’t call us this week with any book club or movie deals. Maybe her cell phone’s broken. Maybe her people lost our phone numbers.
  • Good: The North Koreans didn’t launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. this past week and we have leftover pizza to warm up for tonight’s dinner.

I hope your past week had more good than bad and that it was worthy of a glass of Scotch when you thought about how it went.




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