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Traveling through cataract surgery recovery

During a routine eye exam for new glasses last year, the optometrist told me I’d need cataract surgery on my right eye within a year. Other than having a dental implant, I hadn’t had surgery since I had my tonsils were taken out then I was a kid.

My first thought was: “when pigs fly.”

This is not my eye. It's some miscellaneous eye from Wikipedia.

This is not my eye. It’s some miscellaneous eye from Wikipedia.

However, a bad list of symptoms appeared: the distance looked foggy when it wasn’t foggy, I couldn’t drive at night, I had trouble walking in low-lit places, reading was becoming a chore.

Wednesday morning’s surgery itself was a strange experience. One isn’t entirely sedated, but there’s no sensation of the surgeon sticking a hacksaw or a carving knife in your eye. What you feel on that side of your face is a constant flow of water. The darned IV stuck in my hand was more uncomfortable than the surgery. I thanked the nurse afterwards for telling me about that water for, otherwise, I would have figured it was blood.

More pleasing cataract.

More pleasing cataract.

I’ve never liked eye drops. Even when my eyes felt windblown or overly tired, getting a drop of Visine in my eye was a major trial. The cataract surgery drops started two days before and go on for several weeks after it. Three kinds of drops multiple times a day. I’ve become a pro at this and doubt I’ll have trouble with Visine again.

Now there are clear lenses in the right sides of my glasses. The fog is gone, the colors are brighter, the PC/TV screens are sharper, and the cats don’t look like misshapen blobs with legs. The change is a bit odd getting used to, but I think I’ll be able to cope with seeing better.

I have to wear an eye patch at night while sleeping. It’s not black, so don’t start with the pirate jokes.




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2 thoughts on “Traveling through cataract surgery recovery

  1. Living Learning Adventures on said:

    Evidently laughing helps recovery, and I felt that, reading your description which also kind of horrified me. It’s a talent to provoke both. Thanks, and may your recovery be swift.

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