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FREE: ‘Self-Publishing Made Simple’

When author Melinda Clayton’s detailed self-publishing how-to e-book began to get a bit out of date, she said (possibly) “What the heck, I’ll give it away.”

Brief Description

selfpublishing“‘Self-Publishing Made Simple’ is a plainspoken, nuts and bolts instruction booklet to help guide learning, non-tech-savvy authors through a maze of confusing information. Written in everyday language for those who, in the author’s words, ‘…grew up with sporadic access to a rusty old Royal typewriter (with an “e” that always typed midway up the line) and a gummy bottle of Liquid Paper,’ Self-Publishing Made Simple was designed for those who were born well before public use of the term ‘online.'”

I enjoyed the book and think you’ll find a lot of helpful tips worth considering as you move your stories and novels toward publication.

  1. Go to Melinda’s “From the Author” page here.
  2. While you may get sidetracked by the August 10 entry about a new book that’s coming soon, scroll down to the May 18 entry.
  3. You’ll see the table of contents there followed by a link. Click on that link on Melinda’s page (my graphic is just a picture) for your free PDF copy:

selfpublinkI hope you enjoy the book! And then, best of luck with your book(s).


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2 thoughts on “FREE: ‘Self-Publishing Made Simple’

  1. Thank you! 🙂

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