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Seeking 1950s information about Stetson Kennedy – update

Update: 8-18-2015 Thanks to a comment left on this post, I found a source who told me the online references to a 1952 Kennedy candidacy for governor of Florida were errors. There wasn’t one. Good to have the information. Thanks for your help.

I am researching Stetson Kennedy for a novel, most specifically any information about his 1952 candidacy for governor of Florida.

He is best known as a Florida folklorist who worked with Zora Neale Hurston and for infiltrating the KKK. As an author, he’s also known for his book “Palmetto Country.”

What I’m looking for is an online source that shows either in text or scanned memorabilia, what his governors race platform was, any slogans he used, comments about him by journalists and others in the press, and the other typical stuff that was distributed or posted during a campaign.

His candidacy is mentioned briefly around the Internet; no detail, which is odd because one author called his campaign the stuff of legend. If so, the legend is fairly well covered over by time.

Two years earlier, Woody Guthrie (a friend of his) wrote some songs for his abortive 1950 race for the Senate against the heavily favored and entrenched Senator Smathers.

Several sites and authors who focus on Kennedy don’t have this information and are not replying to e-mails.

If you are a fan of Kennedy, know his history, or have done work in Florida history and know where any of this information can be found (short of my having to drive to some library in Florida and physically gain access to boxed/unsorted archives), I would appreciate the URL or any other tip.




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2 thoughts on “Seeking 1950s information about Stetson Kennedy – update

  1. Anastasia Books on said:

    Contact Stetson’s wife @ Anastasia books.

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