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This and that – a word from your sponsor (AKA me)

This is another one of my jumbled word from your sponsor posts.

  • from ABC News

    from ABC News

    I have been preoccupied this week with the 4,000-acre fire in Glacier National Park’s St. Mary Valley. An Elite Team arrived on the scene on Thursday and appears to already be having an impact. Unfortunately, a historic structure burned before they arrived. See my post: Historic Cabin Destroyed by Glacier Park Fire

  • LadyoftheBlueHourcoverMy paranormal/magical realism Kindle short story Lady of the Blue Hour will be free on Amazon between July 26 and July 30. In the story, a student comes home from a band trip to find his parents mysteriously missing while a lady hunts for the dead on his neighborhood street.
  • Speaking of magical realism, we have a blog hop coming up with cool posts by writers and readers who love the genre. The hop runs between July 28 and July 31 and will include a post of mine on my Malcolm’s Round Table blog. Stop by, enjoy KIndle cover 200x300the post, and then trek off to some of the other bloggers taking part.
  • The Kindle edition of my magical realism novella Conjure Woman’s Cat will be on sale on Amazon sometime during the week of August 20th. I’ll post more here when I know the exact date. It will be reduced to 99 cents. The novel features a conjure woman fighting the KKK with magic and a very helpful kitty.
  • As some of you may know, my wife and I moved in January from northeast Georgia to northwest Georgia where we put up a sunflower07252015house on a corner of the farm which has been in my wife’s family for five generations. The vibes are with us, for we put our garden in on the same spot where my wife’s grandmother had a nice garden  some 50+ years ago. So far, we’re getting tasty banana peppers, squash and tomatoes. For the heck of it, we planted a sunflower right in the middle of it and some rose bushes nearby in front of the ancient smokehouse. The roses are sitting where my wife’s grandmother’s roses once sat.

Best wishes for a great weekend!



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