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Random House’s Off The Page Event

Random House’s Off The Page Event |

“This past Saturday, more than a hundred readers trekked up to beautiful Hudson Valley for Random House’s latest reader event, ‘Off the Page.’  Although Random House has been inviting readers into their headquarters for years, this time they took the party to the stylish Basilica Hudson, a stone’s throw from the Hudson Amtrak train station, where attendees were invited to listen as authors discussed their latest works, participate in workshops and even do a bit of shopping.”

It’s difficult not to be jealous. Imagine sitting in a room and, so to speak, eavesdropping on what other authors are doing. Okay, the tote bag of goodies would be fun, too.

Would you go to one of these if Random House called up? If I lived anywhere near their offices, I would. As it is, I doubt they’ll bring their staff to Georgia and hold a meeting in my living room. Until then, I guess clicking on the link above and reading this story is as close as I’m going to get.




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