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I wonder if people in those upscale apartments see the ghosts

There’s an upscale apartment complex there now. I can’t tell you where.

ghostapartmentGhosts, some say, once walked those grounds because in the center of the property sat an abandoned building that was at one time a mental hospital. The usual stories circulated about the place after it shut down and began falling into ruin.

People who sneaked inside claimed they saw the ghosts of former patients, said they heard strange noises, said they felt cold spots in certain hallways.

The real estate disclosure forms one has to fill out these days have become quite extensive. The seller has to mention everything that’s broken, leaking, less than pristine, might have fallen down or might be ready to fall down, and if you leave anything out, you better have a good alibi for why you didn’t know anything about it.

When I look at the floor plans and lists of upscale amenities for the apartments that sit where that abandoned hospital once stood, I wonder if those who come house hunting get a disclosure form that mentions prospective ghosts in the game room, strange sounds around the swimming pool, or cold spots in the linen closets. I see all the floor plans on line and notice they have upscale names (which I can’t mention here), so I’m sure nobody suspects the place sits on what I might call a psychic clean-up site. The website shows many wonders but carries no warnings.

If I lived anywhere near the town where this site is, I would really like to know somebody who lives there and beg, borrow or steal an invitation over to their place for dinner on a dark and stormy night. While eating my mashed potatoes and gravy, I would focus on the shadowy areas of the dining room. While sitting with a glass of wine in the spacious living room, I would slow down my pulse rate and brainwaves and see what–other than the wine and conversation–was available in the room to soak up.

And, if I saw, heard or felt anything, would I mention this local color to my hosts? Oh, probably not. That would be rude, don’t you think? Plus, I would rather drive home and see what kind of a short story I could write about, say, “Mr and Mrs. Smith’s House of Shadows” or “Eating Mashed Potatoes in the Old Shock Therapy Realm.” I would change the names of course, but mainly to protect the ghosts.


MoonLightandGhostsMalcolm R. Campbell is the author of the magical realism novella “Conjure Woman’s Cat” and paranormal short stories including “Moonlight and Ghosts.” “Moonlight and Ghosts” features and abandoned mental hospital.


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