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Dark and magical story ‘Snakebit’ released by Thomas-Jacob Publishing

Thomas-Jacob Publishing released my new Kindle short story “Snakebit” today, adding to my series of stories about Florida’s Tate’s Hell Swamp.

SnakebitCOVERThis dark, magical story focuses on two students in the 1960s who return to their respective colleges after a summer romance. Assaulted on a dark street at Thanksgiving, Anne resolves to find and rebuild herself anew with calling on David for help or even allowing a visit.

Finally, when he visits her in Florida in June, the finds her much changed. She is newly confidant and wishes to define her place in the world. David’s not so sure there’s room in her life for him unless he gives up everything else that he cares about. He considers leaving her until the swamp’s dark magic intervenes.

You may also like the Tate’s Hell stories “Carrying Snakes Into Eden” and the three-folktale collection The Land Between the Rivers.”




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