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Book Bits: Quotes from Kate Walbert, Quintan Ana Wikswo, Anne Roiphe

sunkencathedralKate Walbert – On the footnotes in “The Sunken Cathedral” – “I believe there’s an increasingly fractured way of being in the world, our lives barreling forward on many parallel tracks, our focus constantly interrupted, redirected. This is what I came to understand the footnotes to be: the things we don’t say, the history, the regret, the stories that are submerged (to keep the water metaphor) and yet constant. Vital information, yes, but not necessarily of the kind the characters would put forth easily, or readily if they had more time. I’ve come to understand that the footnotes carry what is left unsaid but always present.”  Book Page

thehopeofcarryingQuintan Ana Wikswo – On the photographs in “The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far” – “We listen, then look around, our eyes lingering here or there. Our brain whirs and hesitates as it untangles new language and sights. We navigate our lives with our senses, and glean and process life visually through our eyes, and verbally through our mouths and ears. The book’s juxtaposition of photographs and text is a tribute to this dance of the brain.” Lit Hub

Anne Roiphe – On psychiatry in “ballad of the black and blue mind” – “A while ago it was hoped that pharmacology would cure the human heart and chase away all nightmares. And it has helped, balladoftheblackenormously. It has been a good tool to use, but the mind can evade the chemical solution and many may need the human voice to accompany their travel along the treacherous routes of fear and desire, rage and helplessness that beset us from time to time. Psychiatry is not a perfect discipline but it has grown in its knowledge and its habits and can assist many people to avoid their own traps, their own worst fears. It can work along with medicines from the pharmacy — or not — but it offers, for those who can bear the kind of self-knowledge it brings, the possibility of a new land and a better chance of finding some happiness in this world of bad dreams.”  Bookslut

Book Bits if compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of “Emily’s Stories,” “Cora’s Crossing” and “Moonlight and Ghosts.”


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