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Why the Story of Jackson and the Cherokees Is More Relevant Than Ever

PowellsBooks.Blog – Why the Story of Jackson and the Cherokees Is More Relevant Than Ever – Powell’s Books.

jacksonland“John Ross, who resisted Indian removal, is less famous than he should be. Ross, the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, was the cleverest of Jackson’s opponents. Rather than engage in a hopeless war, he fought for his people’s rights through the democratic system. Cherokees used the media, worked with white allies, lobbied Congress, and sued in the Supreme Court. When all else failed, they engaged in acts that we might have called civil disobedience, simply remaining on their land when ordered off.

“It’s a half-hidden story. The saga of Indian removal is widely known today (elementary school students commonly spend a day, or a unit, on the eviction of Native Americans from their homelands), and yet the details have rarely, if ever, been fully told.”

We seldom hear the full story in our history classes because the scope of those classes is so wide, the details fall away due to lack of time. I love books like this one that add to our understanding, especially when the events are dark ones that should never have happened. I’m looking forward to reading Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a Great American Land Grab



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