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‘The Sun Singer’ released on Kindle in new 4th edition

SunSinger4coverMy contemporary fantasy The Sun Singer is now available in a new 4th edition on Kindle. Set in the mountains of Montana, the novel tells the story of young Robert Adams who must find a parallel universe and complete a dangerous mission left undone by his avatar Grandfather. This edition features the stunning cover illustration by Benjamin Mowers.

Praise for The Sun Singer

“The Sun Singer is gloriously convoluted, with threads that turn on themselves and lyrical prose on which you can float down the mysterious, sun-shaded channels of this charmingly liquid story.” — Diana Gabaldon, Echo in the Bone (Outlander)

“It is high adventure that his grandfather plans for Robert and for all in the family. We are not surprised to learn that Mother disapproves of the journey. Do not mothers always disapprove of the fun grandfathers plan for the boy in the family? It is not just fun, in this case, that Mother opposes; she is against dabbling in magic.— Living Jackson Magazine

“This magical coming-of-age tale takes the reader through a labyrinth as a teenage boy/man sets off into the cosmic dimensions of the unknown to redeem his grandfather’s kingdom and rightfully claim his position in life as a true leader. What I’d give to have Malcolm Campbell’s imagination, wisdom, wit, and mastery of the written word.” –Mel Mathews, SamSara (Malcolm Clay Series)

“The Sun Singer is a book that will transport you to other realms, realms that shadow ours. Campbell’s story is not only about how one character must complete what his grandfather began, it is about how one must come to terms with loss and death too. Robert undertakes a journey not only to other realities, but to his genetic heritage, a heritage that he must fully accept in order to become free.” — Nora Caron, Journey to the Heart

“I will take more journeys with Robert Adams as he has now taken residence in my imagination. The Sun Singer isn’t just a book, it’s an enlightening. It’s a pass to worlds beyond the mundane of closed thought and mediocrity. Perhaps ‘home’ is in the unopened doors of imagination after all.” — Susan Haley, Rainy Day People

“It is a very structured intelligent novel, each word placed exactly where the author intends and this author intends to stretch the rules, so stay strapped in and bring along your bookmarker—it is not a book to be read quickly.” — Nick Oliva, Only Moments


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2 thoughts on “‘The Sun Singer’ released on Kindle in new 4th edition

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    Congrats Malcolm.

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