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Book Bits: Indie Bookstore Day, ‘Hot Pursuit,’ Carey Mulligan, Obama’s e-book initiative

BookBitsAccording to the Washington Post, there’s been a 25% increase in independent bookstores since 2009, the year when “independent bookstores seemed destined to follow travel agents into the remainder bin.”

This is great news and, to many of us, somewhat unexpected since the default methods of buying books often seem limited to heading for Amazon or perusing the latest online newsletters for e-book deals. This year, Independent Bookstore Day is a national event. Stay away from your computer and your Kindle tomorrow, forget about mowing the lawn, and go see what wonders bricks and mortar domains can still provide. (Item 10)

Friday’s Books and Publishing Links

  1. Learn more about the Little Free Library movement.

    Learn more about the Little Free Library movement.

    News: Dallas throws the book at family’s Little Free Library, but city officials are looking for a happy ending, by Robert Wilonsky – “Stacy Holmes, mother of three, was this close to finishing the increasingly popular take-a-book-give-a-book community-builder when she got slapped with a code violation. Holmes was told the front-yard addition was a no-no — a violation of the ordinance that says, among other things, ‘a person shall not place, store, or maintain outside, for a continuous period in excess of 24 hours, an item which is not customarily used or stored outside.'”  The Dallas Morning News

  2. Feature: A female president stars in new novel, by Patty Rhule – “The 45th president of the United States has a thick shock of blond hair and a husband who strayed. Calm down, Republicans: This isn’t the ‘inevitable’ Hillary Clinton. President Charlotte Kramer is the Republican head of state in ‘Madam President’ (**½ out of four), Nicolle Wallace’s latest capital dish about life in the White House.”  USA Today
  3. hotpursuitReview: “Hot Pursuit,” by Stuart Woods, Reviewed by Judy Gigstad – “‘Hot Pursuit’ demands attention as the story boomerangs back and forth between Holly’s search for three Arab conspirators and Stone’s quest to identify and capture Pat’s predator. Romance, action and mystery give the book a high rating as a summer must-read.”  Book Reporter
  4. Discussion: How to Ignore Reviewers Without Even Trying – “In a Google Doc, novelist Sarah Gerard and poet Ben Fama meet to discuss influence, the vanished boundary between online and offline, and the balance of candor and artificiality in their first books and public personae. Gerard’s Binary Star (‘Two Dollar Radio’), and Fama’s Fantasy (‘Ugly Duckling Presse’), were both published earlier this year.” Literary Hub
  5. News: CIA Vets Smell B.S. in Super-Spy Memoir, by Brandy Zasrozny and Jacob Sigel – “In a new memoir Jamie Smith claims to have worked for the CIA and help found Blackwater. Even as CIA veterans question his tale, his publisher is doubling down.”  The Daily Beast
  6. mulliganInterview: Carey Mulligan Returns To Period Drama For A Thomas Hardy Classic – “I’d never read the book [‘Far From the Madding Crowd ‘], actually. It was one that I didn’t [read] at school, so didn’t know it at all, really, apart from that it was set in the country and there were these two characters, Bathsheba and Gabriel Oak. So I think what I was so struck by really was what a modern woman she was; that Hardy had managed to write this incredibly modern, forward-thinking woman in Victorian Britain.”  NPR
  7. Quotation: “Knowing that my childhood bookstore, my daughter’s childhood bookstore and hundreds of other amazing independent bookstores continue to thrive brings an overwhelming sense of hope, gratitude, and the notion that just maybe, all is right with the world.” – Craig Popelars, Algonquin marketing director in Shelf Awareness
  8. redjacketReview: “Red Jacket,” by Pamela Mordecai, reviewed by Dana Hansen – “The first novel from Jamaican-born poet, short-story writer, and scholar Pamela Mordecai is a deliberately paced, trenchant story of one woman’s coming of age on the fictional Caribbean island of St. Chris, and her difficult journey away from the security and familiarity of her loving home to find a place for herself in the wider world.”  Quill & Quire
  9. News: President Obama to Bring E-Books to Low-Income Students, by Dianna Dilworth – “President Obama has launched a new plan to bring e-books to underserved kids, in an effort to expand their access to digital learning materials. The effort is an expansion on Obama’s ConnectED program and includes two parts: securing $250 million worth of e-books, as well as the ConnectED Library Challenge.”  Galley Cat
  10. indiebookFeature: Here’s what’s happening across the country on Indie Bookstore Day, by Liam O’Brien – “You may have heard about Independent Bookstore Day, the inevitable and fantastic nationwide expansion of the previously Californian celebration of indie bookstores, booksellers, and all they represent. But do you know what’s happening in your region? Or which exclusive items are available for purchase?”  Melville House
  11. How To: Story Openings in a Digital World—The First Page is a Sales Tool, by Beth Hill – “If you intend to publish e-books, keep in mind that potential buyers may not browse through them the way readers browse through books in bookstores.”  The Editor’s Blog
  12. TheresidenceReview: White House domestic staff Share stories in new book, by Krissah Thompson – “For ‘The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House,’ Kate Anderson Brower managed to elicit stories from some domestic staff who witnessed up close the loneliness of President Richard Nixon as he faced impeachment, the weariness of Hillary Clinton as her husband’s sex scandal expoded, and other surprisingly intimate moments involving the first families.”  The Denver Post
  13. Feature: Hahaha vs. Hehehe, by Sarah Larson – “The terms of e-laughter—’ha ha,’ ‘ho ho,’ ‘hee hee,’ ‘heh’—are implicitly understood by just about everybody. But, in recent years, there’s been an increasingly popular newcomer: “hehe.” Not surprisingly, it’s being foisted upon us by youth. What does it mean?”  The New Yorker

Thanks to all of you who helped make my April 30th Conjure Woman’s Cat book sale a success:




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