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This blog is named after my first novel The Sun Singer, initially self-published and then published by a small press. That publisher also released the sequel Sarabande. These novels are both contemporary fantasies.

First edition - 2004

First edition – 2004

The books went out of print due to a disagreement between myself and the publisher. Subsequently, another small press expressed interest and promised to bring out new editions in January and April of 2014. Things dragged. Finally, The Sun Singer was released in August of 2014, but with a badly formatted Kindle file. Sarabande was never released by this publisher for unknown reasons.

Since that time, there have been endless discussions about what it would take for the publisher to fix the file. Meanwhile, neither version of the book was available. We have finally come to a parting of the ways. This means my rights to both The Sun Singer and Sarabande will revert to me.

I have no clue what I will do with them. Personally, I like the novels a lot. But they have lost ground being out of print and then having one of them go through multiple release dates only to not show up and then to get tangled up in the corrupted Kindle file scenario.

I look at them and wonder if I should change gears again. It’s hard to re-release old books unless they are very well known or have something special added to them. New books, from little-known authors, go through a certain sequence of events that allow the author a chance for promotion: revealing the cover, announcing the release date, talking about the book’s first reviews, sponsoring a GoodReads give-away, having book sales, etc.

With older books, the bloom is off the rose (short of Oprah or Hollywood calling).

Plus, my focus has changed away from Glacier National Park where the novels are set to north Florida where my recent novella Conjure Woman’s Cat is set. Doing something with the older books would definitely be a distraction. One never knows whether to change gears on such things or not.

If you don’t, the gods will say you should have. If you do, the gods will ask you why you did such a crazy thing.

When you write, every day is a new adventure. As corporations used to say, one needs to be agile, that is, to be able to adapt to quickly changing conditions. So, perhaps those old books will return again and perhaps they won’t.


KIndle cover 200x300CarryingSnakesCoverMalcolm R. Campbell is the author of “Conjure Woman’s Cat,” a novella set in the 1950s Jim Crow era of north Florida in which a granny and her kitty use folk magic to combat the Klan.

My Kindle short story “Carrying Snakes Into Eden” is free April 28-30, 2015.




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3 thoughts on “Forever Changing Gears

  1. Smoky Zeidel on said:

    They are good books. Sarabande is my favorite book you’ve written, truth be told. But I do understand your dilemma. Redeeming Grace has already been through two publishers; I think it’s dead. And The Cabin was out long enough I don’t think it would generate many further sales releasing it again—unless I write a sequel, which at this point I have no plans to do. So yeah, I understand. Focus on the new. Move forward.

    • I also like Sarabande the best, though it’s hard to release with out The Sun Singer out there or some kind of an introduction. It’s hard to go back to the old stories without there being some kind of extenuating circumstance that makes bringing them back look really viable.

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