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eBooksAreForever: Connecting Indie Authors with Libraries

eBooksAreForever: Connecting Indie Authors with Libraries | Indies Unlimited.

“Not long ago, I wrote about SELF-e, a new program that is connecting indie authors to libraries via a free process created by Biblioboards. While SELF-e provides eBooks to clients free of charge and no royalties are paid to the author, there’s another way that does pay royalties. It’s called eBooksAreForever. This is the brainchild of Joe Konrath and August Wainwright, and they are working hard to keep libraries in the loop on all the exciting changes in the publishing industry. For the basic background of the program, here are some salient points I gathered from their FAQ page.”

If you’re a self-published or small-press author, you might have noticed that it’s not always easy getting your books into libraries. There is, by the way, a provision in the OverDrive (who manages many libraries’ e-lending) contract with libraries that allows them to add titles, including novels written by local authors.

The eBooksAreForeEver plan, which is still in its beta stages, might be a glimpse at the future. I question the high number of reviews expected for books (100) and sales (1000) to gain admittance, though that appears subject to change and even now some books with fewer have been allowed.

Let’s hope this organization succeeds and experiments with other ways of curating the books on their list than raw statistics.



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