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First Bookstore Dedicated to Self-Published Authors Opens in Florida

First Bookstore Dedicated to Self-Published Authors Opens in Florida.

“Frustrated by a lack of opportunity to display and sell their work, self-published children’s author and illustrator Patti Brassard Jefferson and history author Timothy Jacobs decided to create a bookstore of their own, Gulf Coast Bookstore, and to only sell books by indie authors.”

A very different idea, almost like a farmer’s market where people rent space and set up their stuff. Will it work?

I have my doubts because I think it takes mainstream books that “everybody’s talking about” and/or that are on the bestseller lists to pull people into a store.  But, it’s a worthy effort!

What do you think? Will people stop and shop?



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6 thoughts on “First Bookstore Dedicated to Self-Published Authors Opens in Florida

  1. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

  2. Thanks for making us part of the discussion! It is working and I think the reasons for that are three-fold:
    1) There is a pretty strong movement toward “local” at the moment as consumers realize that they can make a difference at local businesses, local markets and their individual fellow man in general. Look at the incredible amount of crowd-funding sites. People are willing to support people instead of corporation. Simply put, local authors are local businesspeople and are getting support from their communities.
    2) The power of the social media for this business is incredible. By that I mean, we, as the GCB can promote the store or individual businesses. Most of our authors also share through their social media as well so our marketing power is multiplied exponentially. We work together as parts of the whole.
    and 3) We are building more than a bookstore. We offer author events like signings and Evenings with the Authors. We are planning author workshops and and author-only networking opportunities. What we really hope that we are building is a strong author community that we can use to make each one of us more successful.

    Granted we are only 22 days into it but we are selling books that may have gotten lost on Amazon and we are selling them to tourists and locals alike. I don’t know that this EXACT model will work everywhere but Ihope tweaking it to work in your own neck of the woods is something that a lot of authorprenuers are thinking about today.

    • I grew up in Florida, so naturally I hope a new Florida enterprise that helps writers will succeed. I agree that the social media ought to help out. Many of us love to point out to people on our blogs and Facebook author’s pages that our books are available at local indie bookstores. The readings and signings ought to help inasmuch as many of the larger stores won’t set these up unless the author has a fairly loud following. This might be outside your intended focus, but you could also be a venue for open mic nights for area slam poets and others who write performance poetry. There’s a fairly large performance poetry presence in the Orlando area. If I lived close to your store, I would definitely be stopping by.


  3. We have family in Winter Springs, so we get down that way from time to time.

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