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Amazon Cracks Down on All Fake Reviews

Amazon Cracks Down on All Fake Reviews | Indies Unlimited.

“There are websites out there where you can buy a guaranteed number of great reviews for your product. Last week, Amazon filed suit against the owners of four websites that claim to provide 4- and 5-star reviews for a fee.”

amazonmainlogoEvery once in a while, tongue-in-cheek reviews for various products on Amazon go viral. These often show a lot of creativity and when collected on Facebook or in a blog, they are good for a laugh.

We don’t worry about the impact of these reviews on the companies in question because, after all, this is an era when it’s politically correct to say corporations are greedy, corrupt and don’t care about their workers.

But the pendulum swings another way, doesn’t it when the reviews are written about small press and self-published books where sales or lack of sales impact an individual writer’s income and credibility.

Paying for reviews has always been a grey area because traditionally, real reviewers were paid by the magazines and newspapers they worked for and got to keep the book they reviewed as a bonus. So now, paying raises the question of reviewer credibility.

Worse yet is the practice Amazon is fighting directly: paying for a guaranteed 4-5 start review. That’s not only fraud, but the kind of fraud that makes people start doubting the credibility of any book that’s receiving a lot of great reviews.

You’ve heard it before: “Sure, Bob sent all his friends a case of beer to give him a five star review.”

I hope Amazon’s stance will make a dent in the fraud. The I hope they (and GoodReads) will go after the reviews that a fueled by reader snits against the authors that have little or nothing to do with the quality of the books being attacked.




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