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Do Facebook Author Pages Still Work?

Do Facebook Author Pages Still Work? | Indies Unlimited.

“Facebook is fini, right? Since they began “monetizing” the site several years ago, charging businesses to reach our own fans, authors have been peering at the social media giant with a jaundiced eye. Why should I have to pay to reach my own fans? is a familiar refrain. No one sees my posts anymore anyway is another. In fact, a lot of authors I know have decided to just let their Facebook page lie fallow.

“I believe that is a mistake.”

I like this advice from one of my favorite advice getting places. While it has become harder for a Facebook PAGE (as opposed to a non-commercial PROFILE) to get read,* there are things you can do as a writer to attract attention there.

But, it can’t be–as says–an endless commercial.


* Even those who have LIKED your page no longer see all of your page posts on their timelines.


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  1. Two-faced Book?

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