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Book Bits: David Levithan, Library of Congress, HarperCollins v. Amazon, Laura Marling

Here are your books and publishing links for April 3, 2015:

  1. News: ‘Why Is Dad So Mad?’ Veteran Writes Book to Explain His PTSD to His Daughter, by Chiara Sottile – “As he pulls up her colorful blankets and tucks his daughter Raegan in for bed, Retired Army 1st Sgt. Seth Kastle knows that tonight ‘bedtime’ will be a little different. Tonight, Seth will read his daughters ‘Why Is Dad So Mad?’ — a book he wrote about himself.”  NBC News
  2. levithanInterviewDavid Levithan (“Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story”), with Petra Mayer – “Tiny Cooper is your new boyfriend (well, not mine, he doesn’t swing that way). Readers met the flamboyant high school football player and would-be musical impresario as a side character in the 2010 novel Will Grayson, Will Grayson and fell in love — about as quickly as Tiny did with each of his 18 exes.”  NPR
  3. Looking Back: “On this day in 1957, Samuel Beckett’s Endgame was first performed in London, in French. Waiting for Godot had premiered in 1953 and become an international sensation, but Beckett could find no one in France willing to risk their theater on a new play which featured one character who could not stand, one who could not sit, and two others unable to come out of their garbage cans.” – Today in Literature
  4. spiderswebNews: First look at new Stieg Larsson jacket, by Jocelyn McClurg – “Here’s a first look at the jacket and the title for the new book in the Millennium series created by the late Stieg Larsson. The new novel, written by Swedish author David Lagercrantz, is called ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web,’ continuing the ‘Girl’ theme of the first three blockbusters: ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ (2008), ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’ (2009) and ‘The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest’ (2010). Dragon Tattoo and Hornet’s Nest were both No. 1 USA TODAY best sellers.” USA Today
  5. News: America’s ‘national library’ is lacking in leadership, by Peggy McGlone – “The federal government’s watchdog agency released a critical report Tuesday on the Library of Congress’s long-standing failures to manage the complex computer systems that are vital to its mission.”  The Washington Post
  6. marlingFeature: Laura Marling on Why Writers Should Look Back for Inspiration, by Joe Fassler – “Ezra Pound famously urged poets to ‘make it new,’ but that doesn’t mean artists should forget about the past. In our conversation for this series, the English folk singer-songwriter Laura Marling explained why she’s inspired by the ancient, the outdated, and the disappearing, citing how a Robertson Davies passage that suggests vanishing cultures and abandoned ideas may still have something urgent to teach us.”  The Atlantic
  7. News: John Kerry Asks Iran to Free Washington Post Journalist Jazon Rezaian, by Lauren Gambino – “John Kerry again raised concerns over Iran’s prolonged detention of the Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, during talks with his counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif before Thursday’s historic agreement over the country’s nuclear programme.”  Editor & Publisher
  8. storytellerbraceletNews: New Release of “The Storyteller’s Bracelet” – Out of print for several years, Smoky Zeidel’s novel about two young people caught up in the U.S. government’s late 1800s policy of sending native youths to white men’s schools will be released by Thomas-Jacob Publishing April 15. – Thomas-Jacob Publishing
  9. Viewpoint: Making Digital Proofreading Easier for Illustrated Books, Textbooks, by John Pettigrew – “Illustrated books, far more than novels, require a lot of time and effort to produce. This is because the content is complex and often design-led, with many different elements on the page – artworks, photos, realia, boxes, questions etc. – which means that they take time to get right. ”  Publishing Perspectives
  10. Obituary: Centenarian Poet Was A Fearless Guide To ‘The Country Of Old Age’ – “We’re going to take a moment to remember poet and author Margaret Howe Freydberg, who died last week at the age of 107. She was was young at heart — but also very honest about her thoughts on aging. ‘I think growing old, I think old age is disgusting,’ she told a historian in 2009.”  NPR
  11. maninprofileReview: What Exactly Was Joseph Mitchell Doing All Those Years at ‘The New Yorker’? by Thomas Kunkel – “Each day, week after week, year after year, Mitchell would head uptown from his tiny Greenwich Village apartment to his office at The New Yorker, where for three decades he had chronicled like no one else the astonishing carnival that was New York City in the first half of the twentieth century. To all outward appearances he was as busy as ever—still engaged, still reporting, even still writing. He just wasn’t publishing anything.”  Publishers Weekly
  12. News: Another major publisher is going to war with Amazon, by Jillian D’Onfro – “The contract between “Big Five” book publisher HarperCollins and Amazon is about to expire, and HarperCollins is refusing to sign an agreement with the new terms that Amazon is asking, a source with knowledge of the situation tells Business Insider.” Business Insider

Book Bits is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of “Emily’s Stories” and “Conjure Woman’s Cat”


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4 thoughts on “Book Bits: David Levithan, Library of Congress, HarperCollins v. Amazon, Laura Marling

  1. Great list and as always something to make me think. I like the idea of looking back for inspiration. Maybe I’ll actually find some!

  2. It’s really easy to stay inside with a book or to go outside to places without crowds and just ignore the rest of the whole shebang.

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