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What Writers Can Gain From Seeing the World Through Different Eyes

What Writers Can Gain From Seeing the World Through Different Eyes — The Atlantic.

“Some writers spend years crafting a signature narrative voice—a cadence as distinctive as the characters they write about. Then there are the writers who try to sound like other people. Tania James, the author of The Tusk that Did the Damage, is attracted to novelists who method-act their way into strange, unfamiliar modes of expression. James says Peter Carey’s Booker-winning The True History of the Kelly Gang—written as a single long letter composed by a 19th-century Australian outlaw—taught her about how to speak convincingly in an adopted tongue.”

Can we, should we, re-invent ourselves as we write and find that we have suddenly grown to see a world we never knew and never could have imagined putting into a story?

There’s a lot to think about in this essay.

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