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Too much time on GA 53 and US 129


There are several ways to drive between Jefferson, near Athens, GA and Calhoun, near Rome, GA. One is drive down I-85 to the Atlanta perimeter (I-285) and then northwest on I-75. This used to be faster than driving east to west across the state on U.S. 129 and Georgia 53 via Gainesville, Dawsonville, Tate, Jasper and Fairmount.

The trip takes us through Tate where Georgia's marble comes from.

The trip takes us through Tate where Georgia’s marble comes from.

The cross-state route, which has many curvy sections in the mountains, is still a bit slower. But as we’ve been making multiple trips from Jefferson where we used to live to a farm near Calhoun where we recently built a house, we’ve been encountering more and more traffic congestion on the interstates around Atlanta.

So, we’ve been taking the slightly slower rout, but are happy to say that after closing on our old house in Jefferson yesterday, we hopefully won’t be spending an more time on the road.

Amicalola Falls State Park is near Dawsonville.

Amicalola Falls State Park is near Dawsonville.

Building a new house took a lot of trips. Getting the old house ready to sell took a lot of trips. So did moving. And, then we took a lot of trips back and forth to see–and then look after–my wife’s late father who passed away in November.

Fortunately, my brother and his wife from Orlando house-sit our cats in Jefferson part of the time and then helped with the move in early January on the coldest day of the year. Friends in Jefferson who specialize in odd jobs did a lot of the cleaning, yard work, painting and re-carpeting to get the house ready to sell.

Yet, we have seen far more of that road back and forth than we want to and hope to avoid it for a while even though there are interesting sites and towns along the way.

A back-and-forth trip on that road takes a lot of time out of the day, time that we’re looking forward to having available now so we can finish hanging pictures, get started on landscaping, and generally settle into the new place.

Day trips not only cut into one’s leisure time and chores, but into a writer’s time as well. Likewise, my wife has her own interests she’s looking forward to re-visiting.

If you have moved recently, you know the drill, the paperwork and the labor. If you haven’t moved recently, prepare for a lot of hassle, manual labor and paperwork. Then, as all that winds down, you can finally enjoy your new home.


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2 thoughts on “Too much time on GA 53 and US 129

  1. Your timing was perfect. You are in your new digs just in time for the new spring and summer, with a lot to look forward to.

    • The site of the new house has long had many day lilies and other bulbs. Now they’re starting to appear. Once we see the flowers, we can identify what is planted where. Luckily, the builders didn’t tear out the bulbs, even those relatively close to the house.

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