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SUNDAY BOOK SALE: ‘Conjure Woman’s Cat’

The Kindle edition of Conjure Woman’s Cat, my 1950s-era novella in which an ancient conjure woman takes on the KKK in the Florida Panhandle will be on sale for 99 cents on Sunday, March 8th.

Early Praise for Conjure Woman’s Cat

“I dearly loved Eulalie and Willie, I could easily have been friends with them both. The more I read the name Eulalie the more I adored it. It has a beautiful rhythm and made me smile every time I read it. Eulalie was a wise woman and deserved the respect she was given. Kudos to Malcolm R. Campbell for a story well told.”

BigAl’s Books & Pals

“The book is narrated by Lena, cat and spirit companion to Eulalie, Conjure Woman and human being extraordinaire. Eulalie (don’t you just love that name?) has an innate goodness that can’t be denied, but she’s no saint. She’s devout and dedicated to doing God’s work, and has a willingness to confront what others refuse to acknowledge. Her determination to set straight the injustices in her world, combined with her resilience and wisdom, made this reader fall in love with her.”

Word Nerd Amazon Reader Review

KIndle cover 200x300


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One thought on “SUNDAY BOOK SALE: ‘Conjure Woman’s Cat’

  1. chellecordero on said:

    Wishing you best of luck with your newest book, Malcolm.

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