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What Is a Street Team and How Can it Help You?

What Is a Street Team and How Can it Help You? | Indies Unlimited.

“The point of a street team is to gather together a bunch of people who can help you spread the word about your books and support you in building your writing business.”

This is a nice post by Melissa Pearl. As I read it, I wondered if all street teams start off strong and then begin to slow down as an author’s book’s release date fades into the past.

For more information about the street teams concept, you might also like:

  • What is an Author Street Team? by Kate Tilton from Tips on Self-Publishing – “A street team is a group of fans that band together to support an artist, author, band, or other such products. Street teams are powerful marketing tools because they tap into an established group of fans and put them to work! Street teams also hone in on the word of mouth marketing by encouraging your fans to share their love of your work with others.”
  • The Power of Enthusiasm: Should You Create a “Street Team”? by Dan Blank in We Grow Media – “Today, let’s talk about what a street team is, and why it can be important to FINALLY building some momentum in helping to spread the word about whatever it is you are creating.”

There’s a lot to be found on the Internet about street teams. Can it work for you and your book. Perhaps. In Pearl’s case, she finally closed down her street team and started a fan club instead. Perhaps this is the way of things rather than a failure of a team or a problem with the concept.



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