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Stopping by the farm on a snowy morning

We had about six inches of snow here in northwest Georgia last night, and the view of the white fields and trees outside the windows is making it difficult to concentrate on a story I’m writing that’s set in sunny Florida.

Since I’m already distracted, today’s post is filled with snow pictures:

oldgarageOur house sits in the site of the farm’s original homestead. The old house is long gone, but the well, smokehouse, tool shed and garage remain. The aging Ford tractor inside that garage still runs and, when we get around to it, we’ll take the cover off that well and use the water for the new trees and shrubs we’re planning to put in.

cowsacrosscreekThe farm has had black Angus cattle on it for years. Once my wife’s late father retired, he began leasing out the pastures to a neighbor who is slowly increasing the size of the herd. I hope the cow standing in the creek knows how to get back out of it.

pasturegateWe love the trees on this section of the property, some of which are well over a hundred years old. This gate is at the edge of our back yard (though I use the word “yard” rather loosely).


Our neighbor moved this feed here yesterday before the snow began. Do you ever notice that when you stare at cows they stare back at you. Occasionally, these critters find bad places in the fence and get out. However, the fences have been repaired so that happens less often. I’m glad none of these were standing on the front porch when I got up this morning.

ourroadA couple of four-by-fours roared past the house a few minutes ago. Otherwise, nothing else is moving on the road in front of the house. If you find any cows in this picture, let me know. We’ll have to tramp out in this stuff for the ever popular coaxing cows back on the other side of the gate routine. (The house in the background is the house where my wife grew up.)

Some of this will melt off today as the temperature goes up. Then the slush will freeze during the sub-freezing night. I think I’ll leave the car in the driveway for now.




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2 thoughts on “Stopping by the farm on a snowy morning

  1. Very unusual photos from your part of the country! You have a wonderful new home there and I’m very happy for you. I know also that the history of the place and the family ties mean so much to you.

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