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Indies Unlimited 2012 Flash Fiction Anthology and other book news

Featured Book: Indies Unlimited 2012 Flash Fiction Anthology | Indies Unlimited.

IUcover“The Indies Unlimited 2012 Flash Fiction Anthology features a year’s worth of winning entries from the weekly flash fiction challenge.

“It contains 56 stories by 38 different authors from around the world, with full color pictures by award-winning photographer K. S. Brooks and thought-provoking prompts by five-star author Stephen Hise.”

Discover your new favorite authors in this anthology!

BookBitsIn the News

  1. Feature: Amelia Morris of ‘Bon Appetempt’ –  “Debut memoir by the amateur cook behind the Bon Appétempt food blog, which began with her disastrous attempts to re-create picture-perfect recipes from Bon Appétit and Gourmet in her home kitchen.” – USA Today
  2. Feature: Harley Quinn and Harper Lee: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing – “Highlights from seven days of reading about entertainment.” Also, “Blurred Lines” lawsuit and “Out of My Mouth Comes Unimpeachable Manly Truth”: What I Learned From Watching a Week of Russian TV – Atlantic Wire
  3. eyeonstruggleInterview: James McGrath Morris (“Eye on the Struggle”), with  Joshunda Sanders – “This year has ushered in a new framing of black history with attention on and discussion of Ava DuVernay’s critically acclaimed film, ‘Selma.’ Its timely emergence on the heels of nationwide protests elevating the relationship between black communities and law enforcement also calls to mind a time when another black woman, Ethel Payne, told significant, untold stories from the civil rights era as she was coming into her own as a pioneering black woman journalist.” – Kirkus Reviews
  4. carverNews: ‘Birdman’ Drives Interest in Raymond Carver Collection, by Calvin Reid – “‘Birdman’—winner of three Oscars on Sunday night, including Best Picture—is doing good things for Raymond Carver. The film, which chronicles an actor’s attempt to reinvigorate his career with a stage adaptation of Carver’s short story ‘What We Talk About When We Talk About Love,’ has driven sales of the author’s same-titled short story collection. Now Carver’s U.S. publisher has more releases by the author, who died in 1988, in the works.” – Publishers Weekly
  5. How To: Lyrics and Poetry in Fiction—Copyright, Drawbacks, and Other Problems, by Beth Hill – “Typically writers are asking about the use of someone else’s lyrics or poems, not their own. So the first issue a writer has to deal with is that of copyright. And talk of copyrights (in the U.S.) leads to the Fair Use Doctrine.” The Editor’s Blog
  6. BraggsvilleReview: “Welcome to Braggsville,” by T. Geronimo Johnson, reviewed by Ron Charles – “The most dazzling, most unsettling, most oh-my-God-listen-up novel you’ll read this year is called ‘Welcome to Braggsville.’ The 44-year-old author, T. Geronimo Johnson, plays cultural criticism like it’s acid jazz. His shockingly funny story pricks every nerve of the American body politic.” – The Washington Post
  7. Friedman


    How To: Start Here: How to Self-Publish Your Book, by Jane Friedman – “The following post is an introductory guide to the major self-publishing options available to authors today, and how to choose the right service and approach for you.” Jane Friedman’s blog

  8. Looking Back: “On this day in 1995 James Alfred Wight, better-known as James Herriot, died at the age of seventy-eight. Wight went to the Yorkshire Dales in 1940, fresh out of Glasgow Veterinary College. Over 2300 packed his memorial service in York Minster Cathedral; over 100,000 a year now visit the museum at the site of the original practice; over sixty million copies of his books have been sold.” – Today in Literature

ESaudio2014Book Bits is compiled by Malcolm R. Campbell, author of “Emily’s Stories” (audio, e-book, paperback) and the upcoming “Conjure Woman’s Cat.”



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