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Sofiya Tolstoy’s novella “Whose Fault,” a response to the Kreutzer Sonata, reviewed.

TolstoySofiya Tolstoy’s novella “Whose Fault,” a response to the Kreutzer Sonata, reviewed..

“Sofiya Tolstoy’s long-lost novella tells us more about love and sex than her husband ever could.” – Ron Rosenbaum for “Slate”

From the Publisher

A work unprecedented in world literature, this unique volume contains a new translation of Lev Tolstoy’s controversial novella The Kreutzer Sonata, which was initially banned by Russian censors. In addition, available to English readers for the first time is a fascinating and previously neglected constellation of counterstories written by the author’s wife and son in direct response to Tolstoy’s provocative tale, each a passionate attempt to undo the message of the original work. These radically conflicting tales, accompanied by excerpts from family letters, diaries, notes, and memoirs, provide readers with a vivid and highly revealing case study of the powerful disputes concerning sexuality and gender roles that erupted within the cultural context of late-nineteenth-century Russian, as well as European, society.

In the News

If you’re not reading, I hope you’re writing. If you’re not writing, I hope you’re doing research for the writing. Otherwise, I hope your working on cover art and formatting or at least sending out a query to an agent or a publisher.


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