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Debate: Is Amazon The Reader’s Friend?

Debate: Is Amazon The Reader’s Friend? : NPR.

amazonmainlogo“Amazon owns 41 percent of all book sales and 67 percent of all e-book sales mainly because it offers lower prices. But the e-commerce company came under fire in late 2014 when Amazon and the publishing house Hachette faced off over who should set the price for e-books. The debate raises questions about Amazon’s growing place in the market, the changing role of publishers and the value of books in our society.” – NPR

Also in the news

  • BookBitsArchie and the Unexpected Virtue of Forgetfulness: What the classic comic’s lack of continuity says about the increasingly serialized nature of storytelling – “We live in an age of serialization. The current Golden Age of Television is built on great arcs of episodic drama—the slow accretion of catastrophic detail as morally ambiguous antiheroes strangle themselves and others in cyclopean plot strands. Novels have embraced serialization too, as the multi-volume fantasy series has turned into YA and gone mainstream.” – Noah Berlatsky for The Atlantic Wire
  • Many authors’ earnings fall below $500: “A survey finds Almost a third of published authors make less than $500 (£350) a year from their writing, according to a new survey, with around a half of writers dissatisfied with their writing income.” –  Alison Flood for The Guardian
  • pioneergirlA Little Press on the Prairie Grapples with a Bestseller: “South Dakota Historical Society Press can’t print copies fast enough of Pioneer Girl, the annotated edition of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 1930 autobiography, edited by Pamela Smith Hill. The press released Pioneer Girl in hardcover format last November with a 15,000-copy print run; less than three months later, Pioneer Girl is in its third print run – of 45,000 copies – so that 75,000 copies will be in print by late February.” Claire Kirch for Publishers Weekly

A lot of us would like to grapple with a bestseller.





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