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Hebdo, Hypocrisy and Mendacity

Hebdo, Hypocrisy and Mendacity | National Coalition Against Censorship.

“The massacre at the Paris offices of newspaper Charlie Hebdo have inspired a robust discussion of free speech, and the difference between government censorship and private self-censorship.”

Yet, as this story shows, even France isn’t as committed to free speech as the outpouring of support in Paris suggested. Some of the world leaders who attended the rally come from countries where freedom of speech and press are limited.

Free speech, by its nature, might offend somebody. My response is “so what?” People of different faiths and cultures have different views about what they want to see in a book or newspaper or hear on radio or television. If a book, TV show or newspaper offends them, they are free not to watch it or read it.

Should those views trump free speech? I say no because a country–and a world–of many faiths cannot be dictated to by any of them, forcing believers in one faith to be censored based on the tenets of another faith.

What do you think?



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