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Gone fishing

fishingActually, I don’t like fishing. I do like fish and, having grown up in Florida, I like them with hush puppies. My favorite day-to-day fish was mullet. Never heard of it? A lot of people in Florida even consider it a bait fish. For a while, folks tried to change its image by calling it Liza or Lisa. Technically, you can do that, But it went over in North Florida about the same as trying to convince people we’d get more visitors (and a higher class of people) by calling Dog Island “Ile de Chiens.” Didn’t work even if the French really did call it that during the days they had a strong presence in Florida.

But all that’s a digression. Figuratively speaking, I’m going fishing or possibly reading or maybe taking up gardening.

If I catch any stories or grow any new novels, I’ll wake up this blog from its sleep and talk about all that.

Until then, it’s been fun. Thanks for reading.


Meanwhile, my alter ego “Trick Falls” is writing blog called Calamities of the Heart.


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4 thoughts on “Gone fishing

  1. Good luck! I’m glad you have your nets spread out in other waters though.

  2. Fishing is such a fruitful way to restore, recharge. Gardening too.

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