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Building Buzz and Finding Readers: A Conversation with My Publicists

The Millions : Building Buzz and Finding Readers: A Conversation with My Publicists.

“I always thought there wasn’t a phrase more insufferable than “my publicist” (okay, there is: “my personal assistant”). It just sounds so entitled and show-offy and needlessly glitzy. It’s as if the person is strangling themselves to fit into a perceived brand. But now that I have publicists, I get it: aside from helping me with a billion little things, like cab ride reimbursements, they find readers for my book. It’s an important job.

“(And, let’s get real: we all saw what happened when Tom Cruise fired his publicist.  Makes you realize how badly they’re needed in this world.)” – Edan Lepucki

Interesting conversation with two publicists at Little, Brown. There are ideas here for small press and self-published authors; and, also a sense of what we’re competing against as we see press plans being drafted a year before the book comes out and galleys being sent out four months prior to the release date. It’s easy to think “it must be nice” even though that won’t help as much as reading through the interview with an open mind.


Malcolm R. Campbell, is the author of contemporary fantasy adventures, including “The Sun Singer” now out in paperback from Second Wind Publishing. Enter the GoodReads give-away before September 15 for a chance to win one of five free copies.


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