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A Definition of Author Platform

A Definition of Author Platform – Jane Friedman.

Following up on today’s first post about publicity, I wanted to add one about platform. This 2012 article by Jane Friedman is, I think, one of the best summaries of what platform means, to publishers and agents, at least. It does not mean publicity and marketing though it supports those activities.

Here’s Friedman’s first bullet point:

“Who knows you? Who is aware of your work? Where does your work regularly appear? How many people see it? How does it spread? Where does it spread? What communities are you a part of? Who do you influence? Where do you make waves?”

A bit sobering, isn’t it, if you’re a young author who basically only knows a few people at work and down the street in his/her neighborhood.

You May Also Like: This article in “Forbes” offers a slightly different perspective – The “New Author Platform” – What writers need to know


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2 thoughts on “A Definition of Author Platform

  1. I really like Friedman’s definition of “platform,” and the clarification that there’s more than one way to build it. It removes a lot of the pressure to sign up and sign in and constantly be present everywhere.

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