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An Interview with Tobias Wolff

An Interview with Tobias Wolff | Boston Review.

Wikipedia photo

Wikipedia photo

In the interview: “Wolff shared his thoughts on why the world needs Chekhov or Mozart and how art and literature could reflect our inner truths more authentically than certain political or religious ideologies. And much like Chekhov, he never felt the need to preach as he sat in his peaceful sunlit office, calmly taking queries from a young student about service, literature and life philosophies.”

Fascinating interview. Why do we read? What does it take for us to “sit in on” another person’s thoughts as we follow a main character through storm and stress, joy and wonderment, and all things in between?

You may also like: Wolff’s article about the Freedom Riders, “Heart of Whiteness,” appeared in The New Yorker on August 15: “When I joined the Army, at eighteen, I was trained by black drill instructors, marched and pulled K.P. and showered and bunked and jumped out of airplanes with black troops. If it hadn’t been for a black sergeant I served with in Vietnam, I doubt that my sorry ass would’ve gotten shipped home in one piece.”



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