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New Paperback Edition of ‘The Sun Singer’

TSScover2014Second Wind Publishing has released a new edition of my contemporary fantasy mountain adventure novel The Sun Singer under its Blue Shift imprint. I’m happy to see the book back in print again after almost a year’s absence. Many thanks to the readers of the earlier editions who enjoyed the book: it has seventeen 5-star reviews. October 24, 2014 update: This limited edition will soon go out of print.

This is the story of a young man who has a special talent: psychic abilities. Since the talent hasn’t always worked well for him, he gave up on it. But, he will soon need it again when a family vacation to the western mountains leads him to a portal into a look-alike universe where a resistance group is fighting an evil king.

He will need his talent to survive; he will need his wits to tell friend from foe; he will need his strength to climb a sacred mountain for a vision into the future as well as into the past where, if he does it right, he just may be able to change time and events.

At present, the e-books aren’t quite ready even though they actually appear on booksellers’ sites. If you prefer e-books, please be patient and let the publisher solve several formatting issues.

I hope you enjoy the story. Enter the GoodReads give-away by September 15, 2014 for a chance to win a free copy. (U.S. residents only.)



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