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President Harding’s Letters Open to the Public

President Harding’s Letters Open to the Public | Library of Congress Blog.

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“For most of two decades, a future president carried on an affair with a family friend. For 50 years, the love letters they wrote each other – discovered in a closet, sealed by a court order and, finally, locked in a vault at the Library of Congress for safekeeping – have been closed to the public.”

Historians love old love letters. I have mixed feelings about them, sometimes thinking they were personal and should have been destroyed, and other times thinking they should be kept and studied to add to the historical record of a public figure.

My wife led the team doing the initial restoration of Harding’s rail car “The Superb” which is now on display at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia. Before, during and after the car opened to the public, our primary questions from visitors were:

  • Did Harding’s wife poison him?
  • What about his affair (s)?

Had this exhibit been open in the early 1990s when we restored the Superb, they would have answered one of these questions.



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