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Automated Plagarism – amazing how people think it’s okay

When I search for information for blog posts, novels and stories, I often find the same paragraphs (or entire pages) of information in multiple places. Usually, there’s no attribution or quotation marks, and the amount copied goes far beyond the legal boundaries of “fair use.” (You can quote some, but not a substantial portion of an article.)

Somebody left a comment on this blog recently that didn’t make it out of the spam queue. The gist of it was that I could spend less time writing posts if I used a automated content generator. Simply type in some key words, and the generator goes out and steals a little here and a little there until you have a brand new post with no effort.

The comment included a name to use for a Google search that would lead me to the content generator that the person liked and/or was selling. I won’t include it here or mention the names of other content generators because that would be rather like giving a list of hit men to people who want to get rid of annoying family members and colleagues.

You can find them, though, by searching for blog content generators and similar combinations of words. I have no problem with software which tells me what key words are popular and what ideas are trending. I have three blogs tied together here on WordPress, and I take note of the search words people use to get here and often write follow-up posts about those subjects.

So, it’s good to know, within your own niche and purpose for having a blog, what people want to read about. It’s hard for me to imagine the inept laziness of those who condone plagiarism and think that cutting and pasting together bits and pieces of other people’s work is a service to a blog’s or site’s readers. Goodness knows, when I find the same thousand words of information in multiple places when I’m doing research, I get no value out of it and never go back to those sites again.

And then, too, as a writer, writing is what I do. Having an app to it certainly would provide no sense of accomplishment, much less a feeling of satisfaction about the end result of disseminating stolen work. Everthing everyone writes on paper or in electronic form is copyrighted. Using it without permission is theft.

That’s my two cents for today in response to the commenter who thinks the readers of this blog would be well-served by stealing from all the other blogs they also looked at while trying to learn something new or interesting.


Malcolm R. Campbell is a former college journalism instructor who taught mass communications, reporting, editing and communications law.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Malcolm R. Campbell


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2 thoughts on “Automated Plagarism – amazing how people think it’s okay

  1. Besides being plagiarism, it sort of defeats the purpose of a web log, a journal for an individual or even a business. Content is just content. Worthless fodder for the opinionated.

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