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Those of you who also read my Malcolm’s Round Table blog know that my writing makes a strong use of its settings. A few of my posts have focused OaksMapon some of the real settings I used and how or where I put them into my fiction. If you like placing real settings into your own writing, these posts may give you a few ideas:

Latest News

  1. LadyoftheBlueHourcoverIf you’re a subscriber in Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited service, you can read my short stories “The Lady of the Blue Hour” and “The Land Between the Rivers” for free as a subscriber. “Lady” is a paranormal story about a young man coming home from a high school band trip and finding his family missing. “Land” is a three-story set about animals in Florida at the dawn of time.
  2. “Emily’s Stories,” my three-story set about a young girl who talks to ghosts and spirits while solving real-world problems will soon have a brand new cover. I’m excited about this because it gives a great sense of what the book is about. The new cover will probably appear on bookseller sites in about a week. “Emily” is available on Kindle, in paperback and as an audio book.
  3. newlibraryjefferson2The folks at the local library are starting to think I’m bringing them everything in my garage. I have about 15 boxes of used books to donate, but have been taking them to the library a box or two at a time. If you live in or near Jefferson, Georgia, you’ll see these books at the annual Friends of the Library book sale this fall. The size of the library comes from the fact the city purchased an old grocery store building and converted it in a police department, meeting room and library.
  4. Literary Aficionado, where some of my book reviews appear, has a new site. If you’re a writer and want one of your books reviewed there, you’ll find submission guidelines under the “Get Reviewed” tab. My latest review is about a Florida political thriller called Mercedes Wore Black. For Florida readers, it has some very memorable place settings.




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