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A note from your sponsor – a variety of blogs

Er, that would be me.

Thank you to the recent new followers. Since this blog also serves as my website, you’ll find notes here about my books, settings for novels, and writing ideas. You’ll also find links to stories about authors, books and publishing. I hope you like the mix.

I’ve added several new tabs on Malcolm’s Round Table and Magic Moments.

roundtablecoverMalcolm’s Round Table now has a tab called “On a personal note” along with the date. These are notions of the day. While yesterday’s note was political–about the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner–most of these entries will focus on brief thoughts about writing, libraries and related subjects.


Magic Moments now has a tab for random quotes. This is not a long list because I see no point in trying to compete with the quotation sites which already offer many thousands of entries. I’ll be adding some of my favorite quotes to this tab over time, often including why I like them and/or something about the authors.


On blogger, I have The Sun Singer’s Muse, a blog that focuses on writing ideas. If you’re a writer, you might find things of interest here. The focus is tips and techniques, not how to market, format, or find an agent.


Some of my reviews appear on Literary Aficionado. The site, which has been on blogger, is transitioning to a new location with new services. The old site with all the archived reviews is here. The new site, which appears to have now pulled in the reviews from the old site, is here.

As always, blogging keeps trying to become a full-time occupation. With luck, some of the blogs will please some of the readers some of the time.




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