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Briefly Noted: New edition of ‘Snakes’ by Patricia Damery

snakes2014When Patricia Damery’s novel Snakes was published in 2011, I found a new treasure. Now, I’m happy to see it’s been released in a new edition by Leaping Goat Press.

From the Publisher

A transformative, highly engaging, seductive story about life’s insoluble contradictions. Midwestern Angela moves from a small farm to the West Coast, marries a marine biologist, and has three children. When her father dies and the family farm must be sold, she is brought up against the betrayals, small and large, that have formed the course of her life. In order to find “new ground to stand on” she must face letting the past go. Snake stories, symbolic of transformation, form the bedrock of the story as Angela comes to terms with life—her life. Highly recommended, ‘Snakes’ is deeply rooted in Mother Earth—and Soul.

From my Review

Snakes is a poetic meditation about the intertwined cycles of life and farming. It is also an evolving letter of love from Angela to her recently deceased father about life as it was, mundane and unexpected daily events, and, of course, the snakes. Snakes and the cycles of life are constant images throughout the book; snakes in the corn crib, snakes in the garden, snakes in the kitchen. We fear snakes, yet we also see them as protectors of the land and as symbols of the natural stages of everlasting life. (You can read the entire review here.)

Damery, who is a Jungian analyst and biodynamic farmer, is also the author of Goatsong and Farming Soul. A new edition of Farming Soul from Leaping Goat Press will be available soon.





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4 thoughts on “Briefly Noted: New edition of ‘Snakes’ by Patricia Damery

  1. Malcolm, Thank you for your notice and, especially, your review!

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