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Malcolm’s News: Changing Gears, Cover Art, a Review and a Boat

  • blackcatpowderNow that I’ve finished my novella Conjure Woman’s Cat, I’m changing gears and ready to get started on a new project. Easier said than done. How does a writer let go of a finished project and move on? See my post on The Sun Singer’s Muse and then add some of your own tips. My way of shifting my perspective away from my cat story is reading an old Terry Pratchet novel The Last Continent. It’s wild and wacky and very creative, but might be a little too goofy for my tastes.
  • The release of my novel The Sun Singer has been delayed while we sought appropriate and affordable cover art. We found a great artist, have seen his first sketch, and hope to have something for the cover soon. With a little luck, the book will be out before the end of the summer. With a little luck, the same artist will do the cover art for my novel Sarabande. Both of these stories are contemporary fantasies.
  • songsGossI enjoyed reading and reviewing Theodora Goss’ new book of poems Songs for Ophelia which is set for release on June 30. My review is posted on Literary Aficionado. a copy of the review is posted on Amazon with 5 stars. If you love poetry filled with myths, faerie folk and nature, you’ll find a lot of wonderful words in this 80-poem collection. You’ll find more information about Theodora Goss and her work in her web site here.
  • The state's preservation month poster includes a photo of the Ranger on the left.

    The state’s preservation month poster includes a photo of the Ranger on the left.

    Those of you who have followed my blogs for a while, know that my novel The Sailor is roughly based on my experiences on board the aircraft carrier USS Ranger. The ship was decommissioned in 1993. When a bid to obtain the carrier for a proposed museum near Portland failed, the navy assigned the mothballed ship to the scrapping queue. In light of that, it’s interesting that the ship–at Bremerton, Washington–was added to the state’s Heritage List. State lists are typically steps en route to acceptance on the National Register. If the National Park Service were to place the Ranger on the National Register, it would further validate the ship as a historic treasure. Perhaps that will empower another nonprofit organization to come forward and save the ship. If not, the ship is still scheduled to be scrapped. Here’s my post about the Washington State Heritage listing.





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