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Book Bits: A lame goodbye with links you can use

BookBitsThere’s probably some boilerplate text in a file bloggers can use when they neglect their blogs. If so, it reads something like this: “Sorry I haven’t posted here for a while, but life got in the way, but I promise to do better.” Sometimes when I see such posts, they are very old with no posts listed after them.

Life is getting in the way of keeping of with regular Book Bits posts of authors, reviewers, book news and publishers’ links. So, rather than do those posts haphazardly, I’m going to stop them altogether. This blog will continue with my own book news and ramblings. Meanwhile, let me share some of the sources I have been using.

Comment: These sites still handle reviews as journalism rather than as gushy puff pieces or unsupported opinions (meaning that the reviewer has no legitimate reasons for saying a book is good or bad). You’ll also find author interviews on these sites. Poets & Writers, like New Pages, also reports details (with links) of current writing contests and awards.

Comment: There are also many personal blogs maintained by authors and avid readers that offer general reviews or reviews in various niche areas. A lot of these are very good, especially when you find one with opinions and tastes that match yours. I prefer the reviews at such sites as well as those listed above to sites offering reader reviews.

  • Potpourri: You can find a lot of interesting links for books and opinion at Arts & Letters Daily. Flavorwire has fun lists of books grouped on seasonal and other themes. The Millions has interesting essays along with reviews. The Guardian has book news and reviews, often with a U.K. focus, but not always (you can select the region you’re interested in). The Atlantic often has in-depth reviews, book opinions and commentary and interviews.

Comment: This is by no means a complete list of sites. It does include many of the sites I have been checking when compiling Book Bits (in addition to doing Yahoo and Google searches under “book news” or Book Name + “reviews”).

Many thanks to those of you who have followed this blog (or who check by often) primarily for the Book Bits posts. Sorry to be leaving you in the lurch, but perhaps some of the links in this post will give you a few other places to look.



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2 thoughts on “Book Bits: A lame goodbye with links you can use

  1. melindaclayton on said:

    Sorry to see Book Bits go, Malcolm. Thanks for the helpful links.

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