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WiFi plus Nature is Heaven

DCFC0062.JPGThe family farm has no Internet. It has nature and skies that are much clearer and brighter than city skies. Yet, as a writer, I use the Internet in my work and my wife uses it to access Facebook and a variety of news sites. So, for years, we were cut off from the Internet every time we came here for a visit.

Our cell phones didn’t help. They are so old, Verizon is more than ready to push us into new phones and a new plan so we can use our phones to take pictures, create movies, surf the Internet, read our e-mail–and, worst of all sins–send text messages.

My friends and family have always accused me of being a paradox. (I think that’s a compliment, actually). I want to live in a mountain cabin as far away as possible from traffic, malls, shopping and skies that are glared out by the lights of the city. I can think of no better place to live and–as we said in the old days–commune with nature. Yet, I’m forever (apparently) tied to an Internet connection.

I notice a lot of other people are, too. When we visited Glacier Park last September, the lakes were filled with kayaks, the trails were filled with hikers and the tour buses were filled with visitors. Yet, at night, they logged on one way or another. The park’s ancient hotels didn’t come “cable ready.” But, they finally have WiFi, limited mainly to the lobby and lounge and creaking slow like dial-up with so many people trying to log on at once. If I were a purist, I’d laugh at all the back-to-nature folks who brave heights and grizzly bears and bad weather by day only to return to their laptops, cell phones and tablets at night.

DCFC0066.JPGBut I can’t laugh at them without laughing at myself. I don’t know if the actual heaven, whatever and wherever it may be, comes with a DSL line or scattered Internet cafes. But I do know, I would like such a place. Meanwhile, I have it here on Earth when I visit the farm and power up our Verizon Jet Pack and there before my eyes is the daily news and a movie if I want it.

The farm hasn’t lost its nature. It’s doubled it. That’s my non-purist story and I’m sticking to it.



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4 thoughts on “WiFi plus Nature is Heaven

  1. Greetings from the professor!

  2. chellecordero on said:

    Wi-Fi plus Nature IS Magic you can believe in.
    After years of resistance I finally upgraded to one of those complicated “smart” phones and being able to stay connected wherever isn’t just a luxury.

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