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Malcolm’s News: Hoodoo, AudioBooks, and Dreaming Crows

Yes, this is a word from your sponsor, AKA, the fanatical researcher.

JSSBcover2My work in progress is a novella set in Florida about a conjure woman who lives near the Apalachicola River. I like blogging about my research subjects. Here are three posts you might like:

Audio Editions

Narrators are hard at work on the audio editions of Jock Stewart Strikes Back (humorous stories) and Spooky Stories (two paranormal stories). Both books are available on Kindle and the Jock Stewart collection is also available in paperback. No, that’s not a picture of me on the cover.

The audio editions should be out in the next several months.

The Crows

spookycoverMy dark (and also spooky) short story called “Dream of Crows” will appear in an upcoming anthology to be published by the Lascaux Review. The story was a finalist in their recent competition.

Coming Soon

Laura K. Cowan, author of The Little Seer will stop by my Malcolm’s Round Table blog April 24th to talk about the magic and the setting behind her new novel Music of Sacred Lakes. She’s already written her guest post and it’s great.

My review of Music of Sacred Lakes appears on Literary Aficionado

As I write this, there’s a steady rain falling here in Jackson County, Georgia. Unless it clears up soon, we’ll probably miss tonight’s lunar eclipse. As people sometimes still say, “bummer.”




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