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Don’t drink while reading this book, FDA warns

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According to informed sources, the humorous stories in Jock Stewart Strikes Back, by Malcolm R. Campbell are “almost too powerful” for Amazon’s Kindle. Readers are urged to use care when reading the satirical news reports by Campbell’s alter ego Jock Stewart.

In a joint announcement (issued in Colorado where joints are legal), the NTSB and the FDA warned readers not to read the book while operating heavy machinery and or slamming down booze. “You could laugh yourself into an early grave or, worse yet, a jail cell,” FDA director of e-books, Bill Smith, said while mixing a pitcher or margaritas.


Since modern-day journalism is going to hell in a hand basket and/or nowhere fast, Jock Stewart strikes back by categorizing news events as satirical, outlandish, strange or political. Nonetheless, according to informed sources, the use of this volume as a journalism textbook has not been authorized anywhere the world is right as rain.

Stewart, who served diligently as the protagonist in Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire, refutes charges that he was raised by alligators or hyenas. When he was a young boy, his dear old daddy said, “Jock, everyone but you and me is scum and I’m not sure about you.”

That proverb opened Jock’s eyes to the realities of the world, primarily that everything is worse than it seems: the small-town newspaper, the Star-Gazer, is allegedly run by fools and buffoons; the Junction City, Texas, government is allegedly corrupt and inept.

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 Jock Stewart Strikes Back Sneak Peek Video



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