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After a break in the Georgia mountains. . .

tallulahMy wife and I enjoyed spending a few days with my brother and his wife (and nephew) in a cabin near Helen, Georgia.

The weather wasn’t the best, so we hiked around Tallulah Gorge with umbrellas in drizzle and mist. Nice to get away and see some family. Had a fire in the fireplace each night. Ambiance + warmth.

Click here to pre-order the e-book.

Click here to pre-order the e-book.

Multiple focuses these days are keeping me scattered: Jock Stewart Strikes Back, a book of stories, will be out on April 1. That seemed to be a fitting day for comedy.

I’m reading about the Florida Panhandle’s piney woods, Southern folk magic and stories about the people and occupations surrounding the Apalachicola River for a new story. I’m having fun, but think it’s time to start writing. Parts of my novel The Seeker, my kindle short story Cora’s Crossing and the Land Between the Rivers folk tales are set in this area, so it’s fun going back for more stories and magic.

Meanwhile, the publisher is working on cover art and formatting for The Sun Singer, due on on May 1.  The release date has slipped twice, so I hope that this time, the book will actually appear. Sarabande will follow two months later. I’m looking forward to these and hope you enjoy them.

The last time I mentioned discontinuing “Book Bits,” the posts of authors and publishing links that appear here once or twice a week, a fair number of people said to keep it. As this weblog slowly morphs over to become my “website,” I’m thinking about getting rid of those posts again because they are time intensive. If you have any strong feelings either way, let me know.

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Have a great weekend!




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