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Malcolm’s News: Betrayal, Comedy, Writing Tips, ‘Long Man’ Review

It’s time for a word from the “Book Bits” sponsor. That’s me, the mid-mannered writer from northeast Georgia where the weather is still colder than it needs to be.

  • betrayedBetrayal: The print edition of the third novel in the Garden of Heaven Trilogy, The Betrayed, is now out in a print edition. (The e-book was released last fall.) The story unfolds around murder, kidnapping and slander at a small Midwestern college. The novel is a contemporary fantasy. Freado has posted a brief interview with me about the trilogy here. The first two books in the series are The Seeker and The Sailor, set in Glacier National Park/North Florida and aboard an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea during the Vietnam War. The Sailor is inspired by my experiences on board the USS Ranger where I worked in the Public Affairs Office.
  • JSSBcoverComedy: My new book of humorous stories Jock Stewart Strikes Back will be released next month. Savvy readers know that Jock Stewart is the protagonist (obviously) in the comedy/mystery Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire. “He” brings his same evil wit to the stories in this new book. It will be released in print, e-book and audiobook. I hope you enjoy the stories, all of which resemble the kinds of stories most of us never want to see in an actual newspaper or online news organization’s web site.
  • blackcatpowderWriting Tips: In the latest tip posted on my Sun Singer’s Muse blog, I look at the fact that some stories evolve while we’re doing the research for a vague idea rather than the other way around. We kind of, sort of know what we want to write about, but until we start looking up the story’s locations and themes, the plot and characters are in a state of limbo. In case you haven’t guessed by the cat graphic, the subject I have been researching is hoodoo for a story to be set in the Florida Panhandle.
  • longmanReview: While some readers on Amazon think Amy Greene’s new novel Long Man needs less atmosphere and description, I see it as a wonderful novel about a town doomed by the rising waters of a new TVA dam and the people who will have to move away. A missing child and the motives of a drifter ramp up the mystery. My review appears on Literary Aficionado. The novel was released by Knopf in February. Greene is also the author of Bloodroot.

LadyoftheBlueHourcoverMalcolm R. Campbell is the author of contemporary fantasy novels and paranormal short stories including Cora’s Crossing, Moonlight and Ghosts and The Lady of the Blue Hour.

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