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Fabulous Review of the ‘Emily’s Stories’ audiobook

Also available in print and e-book

Also available in print and e-book

Like an actor’s or actress’s lines in a movie or a play, the story you hear on an audiobook is a collaboration between the author and the narrator.

Writing for print, an author tries to create an adventure with a specific mood. Then, the audiobook narrator brings an additional perspective into the mix when s/he tells the story at a pace and with a tone of voice that enhances the original ambiance.

I was very pleased with actress Kelley Hazen’s approach to the narration of Emily’s Stories because she brought so the many characters’ voices into my fourteen-year-old protagonist’s adventures with talking to spirits. And, the book’s audio production values were perfect.

So it is that when I discover a review on Amazon in which the listener hears what I hear, I’m too excited not to share it. Here’s M. Stein’s review of January 25th:

I’ve recommended this audiobook more than any other I’ve listened to



“I like it when kids are smarter than adults in stories like this. It gives me hope. The author ‘s writing had a ‘Peter Pan’ feel to it – not that it reads like ‘Peter Pan’ but it’s a kid being powerful and doing something positive. And there is also a magical ‘The Secret Garden’ kind of feel in here.The kid is powerful because she can see & hear the beauty and the magic in Nature. This audiobook has the coldest, scariest ghost voice in the world and also the wonderful open, free and uninhibited voice of ‘Emily’. AND the voices of birds and much more. The widest range of voices I’ve heard from a narrator. And all seemed real, not forced. I believed it – I believed this could happen.”

I’ve never encountered any of M. Stein’s reviews before, but whoever you are and wherever you live, I thank you and greatly appreciate the extra time and effort it takes to post a review.



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2 thoughts on “Fabulous Review of the ‘Emily’s Stories’ audiobook

  1. EMILY’S STORIES was a pleasure to record, the writing is rich and the story so deep and touching and magical. We at Storyteller Productions also thank this reviewer and all the folks who take the time to support our work and fine writing like Malcolm’s.

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